​​​2. Can I just drop in to order a cake?
No, we would need to book an appointment for a consultation. Or you can email us a description or picture and size of the design with the date needed.
3. Does a consultation cost anything?
No, the consultation can last up to an hour and is complimentary
4. How far in advance do I need to order my cake?
Advance notice can vary depending upon what we already have booked. During peak season we can book up 8-10 weeks in advance for weekend dates. However wherever possible we can also accommodate an order the same day. To get the best price, we would recommend ordering as soon as possible. We have some cakes booked 1-2 years in advance.


1. Do you offer delivery and if so, how much?
Yes we do deliver, most city-wide locations the fee is between $25-$35. To the strip it is $50. Delivery is free on any order $550 and above.
2. Why does it cost more to the strip?
Most of the Casinos now charge for parking, long distance walking the cake.and valet tipping too.
3. Your delivery fees are so low, why is that?
We take great care in creating a cake for you. The last thing we want to see is your cake shifting or falling over during transportation if you pick it up. We transport in refrigerated secure containers and take very good care during delivery. We keep our fees low because it is important to us that your cake arrives safely


1. Your cakes are beautiful, did you create all of your pictures in your portfolio?
Yes every cake that you see was created by us, we do not post other peoples cakes ever.
2. I was told that because of the heat in Las Vegas, I cannot go with a butter cream designed cake. I have to stick with fondant. Is this true?
It may be true for some places but not with us. In fact about half of our wedding designs are made from butter cream. We take great care that your cake arrives safely. It is up to you that the environment where the cake is to be displayed is at least 72 degrees. 
3. Do you make cupcakes, cookies, or cakepops?
We only make them either with a dessert bar order ($350 min order) or to compliment a cake order
4. Some of your designs are very grand, how are you able to do this?

Holly, our cake designer will come on deliveries to assemble and setup the cake at the venue. We do this because any cake larger than three tiers no matter how well doweled it is can shift during transportation. This is what sets us apart from most places. We take great pride in what we do, you are our client, not a number. We limit the amount of cakes we book in a week. It is very important to us to execute your design at the highest level. 

Frequently Asked Questions
1. How do I get a quote on a cake?
We need three pieces of information in order to give you a quote.
     1) The details of the design (to estimate the amount of time involved)
     2) Serving size (to estimate the cost of supplies)
     3) Date and time you will need it (certain days, time of year, and what we already have booked impacts the price)

2. I only want a small cake, why is it so expensive?
The majority of pricing is determined upon the time involved to create the design. In many cases it actually takes more time to create a smaller design in order to execute the fine details.
3. I am having a large wedding, are you able to create a beautiful design to fit within my budget?
Absolutely !! We do not charge by the serving. Our cake pricing is very competitive with larger wedding cakes. You get the best of both worlds, one of Las Vegas's best cake designers at a very competitive price.
4. What do I need to do to order a cake?
To reserve the date we require a non refundable deposit of 50% and the balance paid two weeks prior to the celebration.

1. I am interested in booking a tasting appointment, what is involved?
For our tastings we will create servings for 2-3 people with your choice of three different cake flavors and filling combinations.
We create this specially for the tasting (2-3 hours of preparation) so it is fresh, not day old cupcakes sitting in ones display. The fee is $35 and will need to be paid at least a week in advance. Orders $600 or more, we will deduct the $35 fee if you decide on having us create your cake.

5. I want a gravity defying cake, with a real WOW factor. I have checked with several places and they either can't do it or can only do it as a faux (fake) cake. Can you create this?
This is the type of thing we specialize in. Unlike most bakeries, the more specialized your request is, the more excited we get. We love to create and engineer the most special of requests.your paragraph here.